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In case I haven’t been specific enough, I want to confirm it in words: Prill is a trans woman. Please under no circumstance should you stop referring her as “She”, and for the love of god don’t start using transphobic slurs such as “He-She” or “Tr**ny*. I know most of the people on my tumblr are super great about transgender stuff, but I also know a lot of people out of that circle read Witchy too, and I implore you to educate yourself on the issue if you’re not familiar. googling “transgender resources” is probably a good place to start.

Shout out to Eva Problems for reading over the script for this scene, and for making sure i wasn’t being super cissexist or anything!

Also I want to give some credit to C, their opinions and words on trans wizards + medicine in the Harry Potter world helped me to formulate my ideas for the trans experience in the Witchy universe.

I ask that before you jump to any conclusions on how trans people are treated in Hyalin, please wait until I finish posting up the end of this scene.